Driven by my endless curiosity for knowledge, ideas and compelling stories, my strength lies in capturing those stories, translate them into a film concept and bringing them to the screen.

I’m always trying to think beyond the obvious, that’s where it starts to get interesting. Always analyzing and conceptualizing is something I learned during my Master Film Studies at the University of Amsterdam, where I graduated in 2012.
Although I loved studying film, I really missed the creativity and fulfillment of making film; being able to tell a story, putting something into the world for others to enjoy or learn from. That’s when I bought my first film camera and started filming. I fell in love and never stopped.

From that day forward I started building my portfolio and developing my skills as a cameraman and director. Soon enough I started traveling the world with my film camera, shooting short documentaries and working with a wide variety of brands, clients and agencies to translate their stories to the screen. During these trips I met a lot of beautiful people, some of whom even became friends. Coming together, creating memories and sharing stories is what people do since the dawn of time… and I’m all for it.